Breaking Ground!

It is a fact: Οur team of experts revisited the Polygyros Landfill in July and we realised our first test excavation. Using a backhoe excavator, a pit was opened of more than 10c.m. volume, at a layer of older wastes. This helped the team record the duration of the excavation, the level of the degradation of the waste as well as the difficulty of the excavation process.


At the same time, a sampling investigation was conducted, to understand the exact composition of the waste. Older and newer wastes were separated according to their size and different material streams. For this reason, a sieve of 4x3m size was ordered, with 15x15cm opening and inclined at 45 degrees. Then, the different groups of wastes were weighted and the final percentages of the various waste streams were determined. This process was repeated several times.



Preparations for the 1st National Landfill Mining Conference

Our first conference is on track... It will be held at THE MET HOTEL, in Thessaloniki, Greece, on Tuesday, 16th September 2014. Its purpose is to inform public and private organisations, as well as the general public about the alternative recovery of useful materials, land and energy from waste disposal facilities using appropriate mining and processing methods.


During the conference, presentations will be given by experts in the fields of mining and waste management and the the technical and environmental aspects of Landfill Mining as well as its applicability in both Greece and Europe. The language of the conference will be Greek.


For more information, you may visit the Conference website (in Greek). Please follow the link to register online!



Local Workshop at Polygyros

A local workshop is also organised in order to inform the general public in Polygyros about the LIFE+ reclaim project. Its title is: "Landfill Mining: a new approach to waste management", and it will be held at the Polygyros City Hall, on the afternoon of 15th September.

Issue No 4 | Sept 2014

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The Landfill site of Polygyros

The test excavation in progress

The special Sieve created for the project

Weighing the different waste groups

The special Sieve created for the project