Project Site

Polygyros Landfill (LF) is situated at "Kastri" area, which belongs to the Municipality of Polygyros (in the Regional Unit Chalkidiki, in the Region of Central Macedonia).


The main characteristics of the landfill are as follows:

  • Total area of land-lot: 9028 ha

  • Operational surface of the LF: 2.7 ha

  • Population equivalent: 13.867 cap

  • Overall capacity: 266,000 c.m.

  • Annual operational capacity: 8,000 t per annum.

  • Duration of operation: 21 years

  • Land ownership: public property


The LF is developed in two phases (cells), i.e. A and B. It accepts municipal solid waste and its constructional characteristics include: geological barrier, synthetic membrane, leachate collection pipes, biogas collection wells, biological treatment plant for leachate and biogas active pumping.