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Pilot Demonstration Unit: Now Operational!

Our landfill mining pilot Demonstration Unit is now up and running in the Polygyros landfill! Excavators, trucks and special waste separation equipment have been installed and all the machinery is being operated by skilled personnel. You may get some first glimpses of the unit by the images on the right. The summary of the process followed in the Unit is:


  • First, the waste is being excavated using an excavator and it is being loaded on a truck

  • After each truck is weighted, the waste is being unloaded on the special Pending Area in front of the Unit

  • The waste is fed to a trommel sieve with the help of a backhoe loader

  • Trommel separates the Smaller Size Fraction (less than 70mm) which is then collected by a tractor trailer

  • The Oversize Fraction (larger than 70mm) is then forwarded onto a conveyor belt and it is separated into hard plastics (bottles, etc.), soft plastics (mainly bags), glass, aluminum cans and other materials by skilled workers

  • An industrial sized magnet is collecting all ferrous metallic items

  • And finally, the residues are removed at the end of the belt.

  • All materials are weighted and the production process is being recorded in detail.


It is estimated that the Unit will reach its end-goal of processed waste within July 2015, so stay tuned to learn about the Unit’s progress!











Special Polygyros Event: June 10th

To celebrate the beginning of the operations of the landfill mining pilot Demonstration Unit, the LIFE reclaim Project Team held a small meeting in the Town Hall of Polygyros on 10/6/2015. Local stakeholders were invited to be informed on the latest updates of the project and to join the discussion about the potential of the Landfill Mining concept on the Polygyros Landfill and the general area. Also, a short trip to the Unit took place, so that the participants of the meeting could take a closer look. Photos of the event are available on the right and the presentations of the meeting (in Greek) can be downloaded here.



September Conference: Have you registered?

The Athens 2015 International Landfill Mining Conference of the 24-25 of September 2015 is fast approaching! Have you registered yet? Click here to visit the Conference website (in English) and register online as positions are limited. Also, if you are interested in giving a presentation on one of the Topics of the Conference, please contact us soon; there are still some final slots left!

Backhoe Loader



Smaller Size Fraction (less than 70mm)

Polygyros LFM Unit Event (June 10th)

Workers separating the waste

Workers separating the waste

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