Issue No 5 | July 2016

After the rehabilitation of the landfill cell

2nd National Conference: a review

Thank you for your participation in the 2nd National Conference on Landfill Mining and Alternative Waste Management. The event was held on the 15th and 16th of June 2016, providing a rich programme with 21 speakers, experts in the fields of landfill mining and waste management. It was a big success, attended by 264 people from the academic community, the private sector, the public authorities and the general public. The presentation of the results of the LIFE reclaim Pilot Demonstration Unit had a big impact on the audience and opened up the discussion for the future potentials of the method in Greece.


Some photos from the event are on the right. You may download the Book of Abstracts of the Conference HERE. For more material from the conference (presentations, book of abstracts, etc.), you should visit our Downloads section HERE.



Reclaiming the land after Landfill Mining

During the LIFE reclaim project, a detailed manual for the clearance, consolidation and rehabilitation of landfills after landfill mining was created under Action B7. In particular, elaborating on the national experience of landfill and dump site rehabilitation, combined with the specific problem at hand, the Team elaborated an Environmental Rehabilitation Plan for the Polygyros Landfill as an example, taking into account the peculiarities of the project.


The Plan was composed based on the following steps:

  • Literature review for rehabilitation plans related to landfill or waste mining

  • Examining the potential of a complete landfill mining project at the Polygyros landfill, alternative land rehabilitation scenarios were suggested, including: 


  1. The return of the landfill site to its Natural State

  2. The creation of a Commercial and/or Industrial park

  3. Transforming the PL site into a Recreational Area


    Building a Composting Facility

  5. Building a Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Recycling and Disposal Facility

  • Development of the RECLAIM-hab, a Multi-criteria Analysis decision tool, which helped during the evaluation of the most appropriate alternative

  • Selection of the bettersuiting alternative for Polygyros Landfill: the creation of a Composting Facility which would cover the Polygyros area and the nearby municipalities.

  • Creation of a virtual rehabilitation, by means of modern technological tools (3D design and virtual video). The selection of this approach owes to the fact that Polygyros landfill will continue to be in operation and it will not be possible to rehabilitate it in reality.


The whole process of alternative suggestion and decision making has been documented in detail in the Action's report, thus this example can be a helpful guide for future Landfill Mining projects. You can see some photos from the 3D design process of the Polygyros Environmental Rehabilitation Plan on the right and you may see the Virtual Video of the Rehabilitation Plan on the link below.

3D design of a Composting Facility at the Polygyros landfill

3D design of a Composting Facility at the Polygyros landfill

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Attendance at the Conference

The Conference was Attended by 21 expert speakers on landfill mining and waste management